Writing Away Retreats

Announcing Writing Away Retreats

Cicily Janus, Founder and Head Adverb Abuser

May 1-5 Taos, NM

(Staff: Tim Oconnell Editor, Random House/Vintage, Gary Heidt, Agent at Signature Literary Agency, Doug Crandell Author with Virgin, Penguin and University of Chicago Press)

June 12-16 Vail, CO

(Staff: Kate Gale Editor/Owner, Red Hen Press, AUTHOR TBA, AGENT TBA)

October 16-20 Vail, CO

(Staff: Mike Signorelli Editor, Harper Perennial, Matt Marinovich Author, Harper Perennial, Gary Heidt, Agent at Signature Literary Agency)

Tired of the same conferences, with the same boring talks, zero productivity and cardboard hotel food?  Join us at Writing Away Retreats.  This is an all-inclusive writing retreat in secluded and luxurious environments.  Four days/nights with gourmet meals, MS consults and spa-like environment.  Award winning editors, authors and agents available.  Payment plans available and paypal accepted.  Discounts offered to students, military and overseas writers.  50.00 down reserves your spot.

Scholarship contests run frequently, stay tuned.

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Read what others have to say about Writing Away:

“Writing Away Retreat was beyond a doubt, the most creative and inspiring thing I’ve ever done as a writer. I now have lasting friendships with incredible people. I’ve considered myself a “good” writer for a long time but having the opportunity to be critiqued (one of my favorite parts) by such talented and amazing people completely validated me and my life’s ambition. Thank you for never making me feel like an amateur (because I haven’t been published… yet). You have an amazing sense of what people mesh well together and I am honored to say that I was at the first of many, many retreats you will do. The scenery was gorgeous, the sit downs were so incredibly helpful, the food was extraordinary, and the creative energy that flowed through the house will remain unmatched I’m sure. I know that your retreat has spoiled me for any others I may attend that you aren’t in charge of.”

—Angie Harris, Writer attendee of Writing Away, October 2008

“It’s refreshing and inspirational as well as a priceless op. to re-awaken your creative energies and bounce ideas off of other creative minds and spirits. Cicily is an amazing hostess who plans everything so well and so smoothly, we were able to maximize productivity with our manuscripts without realizing we were even doing so because we were having such a good time while we were doing it. Food was wonderful, and it created such an atmosphere of good spirits and camaraderie which lead to establish good feelings and lifelong relationships. Where else in your life can you get around a table with so many amazing minds in one place? I’d do this again in a heartbeat as a staff member and as a writer.”

—R.A. Nelson author of Teach Me, Breathe My Name (Razorbill) and Days of Little Texas (Knopf), www.ranelson1.com


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