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Gently Read Literature has been providing thoughtful, in-depth critical reviews of contemporary poetry and literary fiction every month since 2008. This year, GRL undergone a cosmetic make-over, presenting the same high quality, accessible literary reviews but in a more polished and savvy electronic format. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Building on this success, GRL intents to provide a space for independent and university publishers/presses and authors to promote their literary endeavors. Gently Read Literature is a free literary magazine and plans to stay that way, however with your help GRL can continue to offer professional reviews from impassioned writers and readers for years to come. The literary community desperately needs critical outlets that are neither superficial nor overly academic, Gently Read Literature sees itself as helping to fill this space.

Starting with GRL’s November 2011 issue, advertisements will be available at rates that are significantly lower than many other literary publications. A permanent, full page color ad with no word limit and unlimited hyperlinks will be available for $250. Banner advertisements appearing within individual reviews will be available for $100. The funds raised from these advertisements will go towards the continued development of Gently Read Literature, allowing GRL to pay its contributors and promote small, independent, and literary presses to a devoted audience.

Please take a look at the current and past issues of Gently Read Literature to get an idea of what we can offer.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Take Care
Daniel Casey, founder & editor
Gently Read Literature

2 responses to “Advertise in Gently Read Literature

  1. GRL fills an essential niche in the publishing world. As an indie press author (Press 53) and editor (Prime Number magazine) I am always interested in the reviews and posts.