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Gently Read Literature has been providing thoughtful, in-depth critical reviews of contemporary poetry and literary fiction every month since 2008. This year, GRL undergone a cosmetic make-over, presenting the same high quality, accessible literary reviews but in a more polished and savvy electronic format. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, just take a look at our current issue,

Building on this success, GRL intends to provide a space for independent and university publishers/presses and authors to promote their literary endeavors. Gently Read Literature is a free literary magazine and plans to stay that way, however with your help GRL can continue to offer professional reviews from impassioned writers and readers for years to come. The literary community desperately needs critical outlets that are neither superficial nor overly academic; Gently Read Literature sees itself as helping to fill this space.GRL is a volunteer magazine, founder & editor Daniel Casey and designer Carol Jackson put Gently Read Literature together every month without compensation because they believe in the work. But they also believe in compensating the great critics, writers, and readers who as freelancers contribute reviews to GRL. Using the public radio model, Gently Read Literature is in the midst of a 43 day fundraising drive to collect enough funds to finally pay contributors:

Kickerstarter is a site dedicated to help fund creative projects–on Kickstarter a project must reach its funding goal before any money changes hands. We’ve set a goal of $5000, an amount which will allow GRL pay contributors for the next few years. All funds raised will go towards compensating the freelance reviewers who make Gently Read Literature what it is. Please consider donating to support Gently Read Literature. Even a donation of $1 gets us closer to our goal.

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Daniel Casey, Editor/Founder Gently Read Literature
Carol Jackson, Design Editor Gently Read Literature

2 responses to “Gently Read Literature Fundraising Drive

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  2. Great issue – I sampled the review of Gary Snyder on the way through, and the review of “Mule” – can’t wait to have the time to sit down and devour!