Gently Read Literature October 2011

Gently Read Literature

October 2011

An Other Woman: Metaxa Cunningham on Anne Enright’s The Forgotten Waltz


You Feel Sung: Stephen Page on Gary Snyder’s Left Out in the Rain


Gathered Threads Weave: Deb Baker on Deborah Brown’s Walking the Dog’s Shadow


A Territory of Welcome: Nick Courtright on Your Father on the Train of Ghosts by G. C. Waldrep and John Gallaher


Confident & Lost: Rita Mae Reese on Shane McCrae’s Mule


Loving the Complexity of Art: Daniela Olszewska on Maggie Nelson’s The Art of Cruelty


Dirty Jobs: Ethel Rohan on Alissa Nutting’s Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls


Polished Stones:  Mark Jenkins on lie down too by Lesle Lewis


The Long Black Song: Alonzo McBride on Edouard Levé’s Suicide.

Cute Things By Themselves Get Boring: Morgan Macgregor on Lynne Tillman’s Someday This Will Be Funny

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