November 2011 Issue of Gently Read Literature

New Issue of Gently Read Literature
November 2011

In this month’s issue–
**A Poet at the Painter’s Table: Derek Fenner on Patrick James Dunagan’s There Are People Who Think That Painters Shouldn’t Talk
**RE: RE: Ed Davis reviews Meredith Sue Willis’s Re-Visions
**Love Poems for Weary Revolutionaries: Cheryl Klein on Jen Benka’s Pinko
**A New Kind of Air: Clark Knowles on Julie Doxsee’s Objects for a Fog Death
**Art Objects: Sam Kerbel on Art From Art
**An On-Going Conversation: Kristina Marie Darling on Kyle McCord & Jeannie Hoag’s Informal Invitation to a Traveler
**Sucker-Punched: Sonja Livingston on Louis B. Jones’s Radiance
**Sobering Expanse: Rita Mae Reese on Mark Jarman’s New & Selected Poems Bone Fires
**Listen to This: Megan Marton on Andrea Rexilius’s To Be Human is to be a Conversation
**Missed by Casual Contemplation: Amy Henry on Stacey Levine’s The Girl with Brown Fur

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