4th Anniversary Issue of Gently Read Literature, April 2012

Gently Read Literature

April 2012


GRL’s 4th Anniversary



An Explosion of the Young: Rusty Barnes on the flash fiction anthology Sudden Flash Youth


Pulling the Wool Over Our Eyes: Michael Boccardo on David Hernandez’s poetry collection Hoodwinked


Guidebook to an Unknown City: Mike Walker on Carsten Rene Nielsen’s poetry collection House Inspections


Wynn Yarbrough on Kristina Darling’s poetry collection The Body is a Little Gilded Cage


Succulent Lushness: Andy Linkner on Eric Baus’s poetry collection Scared Text


Style, Structure, Music: Jack Remick on Julene Tripp Weaver’s poetry collection No Father Can Save Her


Subtle & Pleasing: CL Bledsoe on Carol Novack’s Giraffes in Hiding


The Chronic Search: Gerry LaFemina on Michael Waters’s poetry collection Gospel Night


An Excellent Prognosis: Cindy Hochman on Richard Berlin’s poetry collection Secret Wounds


A Few Pages of Intimacy: Lisa M. Cole on Margaret Bashaar’s chapbook Letter from Room 27 of the Grand Midway Hotel






One response to “4th Anniversary Issue of Gently Read Literature, April 2012

  1. I would like to email or snail mail directly to Daniel Casey who reviewed my book
    on this site. I have just found the review (I am not very tech savvy) but I really
    would like to thank this reviewer for seeing what i was trying to do in Slantwise. This book was reviewed years ago but maybe I can reach Casey?