May 2012 Issue of Gently Read Literature

Gently Read Literature: Reviews of Contemporary Poetry & Literary Fiction

May 2012

*Breathless Within The Selah: Caitelen Schneeberger on Susanna Childress’s poetry collection Entering The House of Awe

*Attempted Redemption: Mary Alexandra Agner on Sally Rosen Kindred’s poetry collection No Eden

*Impeccable Surprise: Victoria Lynne McCoy on Melissa Broder’s poetry collection When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother

*Poetry from a Single Poem: Amy Henry on Stephen Tapscott’s translation of the poems of Georg Trakl

*Finding These Dead Things: Michelle Ovalle on Aracelis Girmay’s poetry collection Kingdom Animalia


*A Rarefying Alchemy: L.J. Moore on Ada Limon’s poetry collection sharks in the rivers

*A Way to Access Secrets: Margaret Rozga on Peggy Shumaker’s poetry collection Gnawed Bones

*Stories about the Digital Age: Troy Weaver on Mike Young’s story collection Look! Look! Feathers


*The New World like Heavy Luggage: Mitch Levenberg Stephanie Hart’s creative nonfiction collection Mirror, Mirror


*Required Reading in an Election Year: Trina Burke on Susan Tichy’s poetry collection Gallowglass







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