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Greetings from Gently Read Literature.


Some of you may have notice that GRL has been absent of late with our most recent issue being released in May. This is because GRL is going through a format change. Instead of publishing every month as we have done for the past few years, Gently Read Literature will now publish three times a year a Summer, Winter, and Spring issue (September, January, and May).


Gently Read Literature has reached a crossroads. On September 1st, GRL will release its Summer 2012 issue which will be comprised of 23 review essays on contemporary poetry and literary fiction and be over 70 pages. GRL’s Summer issue will feature the same in-depth review essays that you’ve come to expect and enjoy; this Summer’s issue will see reviews of recent work by Traci Brimhall, Terese Svoboda, Sarah Falkner, Peter Richards, Maxine Kumin, Ron Padgett, and Jane Lazarre among others. I hope you enjoy this issue and the great work done by the reviewers.


Our Summer 2012 issue will be the last free issue of Gently Read Literature. Although I’ve strived to make GRL as accessible as possible over the last 4 years, it has no longer become feasible to continue on as a free publication.


Subscriptions to Gently Read Literature will start with the January 2013 issue, which will be sent to subscribers as a downloadable PDF and made available online.


Individual issues of Gently Read Literature will be made available to purchase for $5, while a year-long subscription to Gently Read Literature (three issues) will be $10.


If you would like to become a subscriber to Gently Read Literature, to start your subscription


You can send payment via PayPal to the email address


Mail a check to

Daniel Casey

20698 Drake Ct

Rogers, MN 55374


After the release of the Summer Issue, only subscribers will receive email updates like this one. I hope you’ll continue our conversation by becoming a subscriber.


Thank You for Your Support

Daniel Casey, Founding Editor

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