New Summer Issue of Gently Read Literature

Gently Read Literature—Summer 2012

The new issue of Gently Read Literature is available featuring 23 books reviews of Contemporary Poetry & Literary Fiction over 60 Pages.


Excelling in Brief: Emma Kate Tsai on Jim Shepard’s Master of Miniatures

Masters of Subtext: Kelly Lydick on They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Chapbooks

Ravishing Toes in the Morning Bath: Mark Jenkins on Jean Follain’s 130 Poems

A Finely Drawn World: Tom Williams on Phong Nguyen’s story collection Memory Sickness

Whispers, Never Rants: Maria Nazos on Traci Brimhall’s poetry collection Our Lady of the Ruins

Don’t Ever Interrupt the Delicious Fictional Dream: Robin Martin on Terese Svoboda’s novel Bohemian Girl

An Experience in Negative Capability: Lisa Cole on Sarah Falkner’s novel Animal Sanctuary

Mischievous Twinkle: David S. Atkinson on Alta Ifland’s story collection Death-In-A-Box

This Terrible Symmetry: LJ Moore on Peter Richards’s poetry collection Helsinki

Music of the Americas: Rick Marlatt on Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas

A Certain Plateau of Articulation: Christopher Schaeffer on Lea Graham’s Hough & Helix & Where & Here & You, You, You

Allegiances: Ingrid Wendt on Maxine Kumin’s New and Selected Poems

Poetic Conversation: Patricia Carragon on Juanita Torrence-Thompson’s Talking with Stanley Kunitz

The Body, The Family, Dreams: Heath Fisher on Matthew Porubsky’s Fire Mobile

Vastness and Mystery: Melanie Fitch on Janice Gould’s Doubters and Dreamers

Joy to be Had: Andrea Blythe on Ron Padgett’s How Long

A Passionate Reading: Cat Dixon on Alvin Greenberg’s Passionate Travelogue

Unordinary Scope: Jeff Alessandrelli on John Bradley’s You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Movement Away From What Was Before: Joan Biddle on Will Edmiston’s effie

“The Pictures Were Just for Reference”: Todd McCarty on Personal Objectivity in Tony Trigilio’s Historic Diary

Non-Social Social Media: David S. Atkinson on Michael Seidlinger’s In Great Company

Introspective Poetry: Patricia Carragon on Jason Schneiderman’s Striking Surface

Not White. Not Black. Just People.: Athena Lark on Jane Lazarre’s Inheritance


This is the last free issue of Gently Read Literature. After 4 years of monthly, free publication GRL is transitioning to publishing three times a year (September, January, May) and being subscription based.

Beginning with the Winter Issue which will be released in January 2013, GRL will be sent to subscribers only. A year-long subscription to Gently Read Literature (3 issues) will be $10.

If you would like to become a subscriber to Gently Read Literature, to start your subscription you can send payment

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After the release of the Summer Issue, only subscribers will receive email updates like this one. I hope you’ll continue our conversation by becoming a subscriber.

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Daniel Casey, Founding Editor

Gently Read Literature—Summer 2012

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