Gently Read Literature’s Top Books Reviewed in 2012: Poetry

Lists are fun and rankings are meaningless. Having said that, we all love end of the year “Best Of”s. In this spirit, I give you all Gently Read Literature’s Editor’s Choice Best Books Reviewed 2012. So here are my five favorite poetry collections reviewed in GRL over 2012.

From the January Issue, Joshua Harmon’s “Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie” reviewed by Poppy Samuels

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From the February Issue, Matthew Guenette’s “American Busboy” reviewed by Joe Sullivan

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I Want to Make You Safe

From the March Issue, Amy King’s “I Want to Make You Safe” reviewed by Anne Boyer

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The Body is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters and Fragments

From the April Issue, Kristina Marie Darling’s “The Body is a Little Gilded Cage” reviewed by Wynn Yarbrough

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Melissa Broder's Book Cover

From the May Issue, Melissa Broder’s “When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother” reviewed by Victoria Lynne McCoy

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Of course, I want to hear your thoughts & opinions about what the best books were for 2012. Check out the rest of Gently Read Literature, then get your subscription in for the upcoming Winter Issue which will be published in January and will feature reviews of the following:

Sigh Eternally: CL Bledsoe on Adam Clay’s poetry collection “A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World”

A Beginning For an Author Who Obviously Isn’t a Beginner: David Atkinson on Molly Ringwald’s novel “When It Happens To You”

Cycles of Time, Notes to a Tune: Kelly Lydick on Sandy Florian’s poetry collection “Prelude to Air from Water”

The Horse Doesn’t Always Flow: Nicole Contreras on Leslie Scalapino’s hybrid work “Floats Horse-Floats or Horse-Flows”

Muddled & Luscious Residue: Todd McCarty on Ryan Teitman’s poetry collection “Litany for the City”

Ne’er-Do-Wells Who Plunder: CL Bledsoe on Dan Boehl’s poetry collection “Kings of the Fucking Sea”

Wild Prospecting: CL Bledsoe on Daniel Pyne’s novel “A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar”

More Language, More Linkages, More Minds, More Memes: Paula Koneazny on Laura Solomon’s poetry collection “The Hermit”

Kurt Brown’s The Pictorial Impulse: The Poem as Camera and Brush

Tom Bradley’s Foreword to the New Edition of My Hands Were Clean

The Friendly Highbrow: Heather Lang on Matthew Zapruder’s poetry collection “Come On All You Ghosts”

The Lyric Mode: Christopher Schaeffer on Dorothy Lasky’s poetry collection “Thunderbird”

Don’t Doubt Language: Jennifer Jean on Elain Equi’s poetry collection “Click & Clone”

The Transvaluated Body: Gary Sloboda on Christian Hawkey poetry collection “Citizen Of”

The Perfect and The Imperfect: Glenda Burgess on Gretchen Henderson’s novel “The House Enters the Street”

Smashing the Masks: Michelle Ovalle on Amal al-Jabouri’s “Hagar Before the Occupation/Hagar After the Occupation”

Fluid Ease: Ann E. Michael on Elaine Terranova’s poetry collection “Dames Rocket”

What is Polish Poetry Like Today?: Mike Walker on Jacek Gutorow’s poetry collection “The Folding Star”

Deep Family in the High North: Kirsten Sworts on Melinda Moustakis’s short story collection “Bear Down Bear North”

Longing: Sara Habein on Kirsten Scott’s novel “Motherlunge”

Rural Gothic Literature: Casey Pycior on Jon Boilard’s novel “A River Closely Watched”

Flouting the Rules: Garry Craig Powell on Tom Williams’s novella “The Mimic’s Own Voice”

A Reckoning on the River:  Sophfronia Scott on Robert Vivian’s “Water and Abandon”


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