Here is Your Outrage: I Stand With Kat Dixon and Others Claiming Harm by DENA RASH GUZMAN

Here is Your Outrage: I Stand With Kat Dixon and Others Claiming Harm by DENA RASH GUZMAN

This is a re-blog of a important article that appeared in Luna Luna. You can read DENA RASH GUZMAN’s introductory note here and continue on to the full article. I’m sharing this on GRL because I believe that it is vital to call out abusers & stop letting it slide in the literary community.

“(Note: I spoke directly with Kat Dixon prior to publishing this piece. I showed her a draft to make absolutely sure she was comfortable with what will follow. She came forward first with a statement of abuse by Gregory Sherl, and so I focused my response mostly on her statement. I hope no one claiming hurt is further hurt by this piece.  While I commend HTMLGIANT for sharing this news, I do not believe its troll-inabited forums are a great space for discussion of issues as sensitive as this one. My aim is to create a safe space for discussion of this issue in case anyone needs it, and to show my support for the women who have stepped forward regarding their experiences with Sherl. Luna Luna has strict policies on the kinds of comments allowed. Read them before responding to this or any other piece you see written here. Our literary community is on fire. I think we need water now, not gasoline. While I stand in solidarity with the women claiming harm, I have a feeling of compassion and concern for Sherl that words cannot adequately express. I hope he gets the help he needs. I do not write in the vein of causing anyone further agony, though that might be impossible. I write in the hope that I can in some small way help the women claiming injury. If you are being abused or are abusing someone else, please seek help immediately.)”

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