Talks on Metamodernism with Seth Abramson: Part 1 of 4

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Talks on Metamodernism with Seth Abramson:

Part 1 of 4

by Kirsten Clodfelter

Sometimes Shia LaBeouf makes movies with cool robots and sometimes Shia LaBeouf gives us a reason to talk about the metamodernist paradigm and how it’s functioning in art and poetry in America. For both of these things, we should feel grateful. I had too many questions about metamodernism and the way it’s shaking up postmodern art than Wikipedia could appropriately handle, so I recruited the brilliant and talented Seth Abramson to tell us everything he knows about the metamodernist movement. It turns out he knows about a whole book’s worth, so we’ve broken up our very informative, super fascinatnig Q&A into a four part series that will run here at AIOTB over the next several weeks. Feedback and questions are welcome in the comments section below, and ahead of our highlight on Seth’s own poetry later this…

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