Review: S., by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams

The Stake

You’ve never read a book like this before.

I’m going to repeat that, with a bit more emphasis, because that phrase is so misused and overused that it’s become nearly meaningless, and I’d normally avoid it for that reason, except that in the case of S., a book conceived by JJ Abrams and authored by Doug Dorst, it’s actually true:


Consider, for a moment, the physical form of S.: it comes packaged in a sleek black slipcase, the book’s title glossily emblazoned on the front. Inside is a hardcover book, but not the book, perhaps, you were expecting—this is what appears to be a beaten-up library book called Ship of Theseus by someone you’ve never heard of named V.M. Straka. Puzzled, you open the book and page through, only to discover that it has already been thoroughly worked-over by…

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