AWP2014: The End of Long Form Reading?

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awp seattle An AWP Guest blog post from Daniel Wallace:

On this, the first day of AWP, I woke to find that a friend in India had posted to my Facebook wall another attack on creative writing by the infamous Anis Shivani. Shivani was asking if the great noise of the AWP conference masked a drought of great writing in the contemporary world. As I ran through crowded halls and down unmarked escalators, coffee spilling on my hand, searching for room “LL4,” being directed back the way I had come, learning that I had to follow the “blue carpet,” excusing my way through lines and lines of writers, I was sure of one thing, at least: there is a lot of noise at AWP, both outside and in me.

The panel “Teaching Brief, Sudden, Flash, and Very Short Prose” described many methods and benefits for teaching flash-length pieces to writing students. To…

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