An Interview at Flash Fiction Chronicles About Together We Can Bury It

Kathy Fish

The lovely and smart Gay Degani asks me some fascinating questions at Flash Fiction Chronicles:

Gay Degani: Your stories are clear-eyed and lyrical with characters that provoke curiosity and concern. It’s easy to make a connection to them, their humanity, their strength, and their frailty. But there’s something else, something I find most intriguing about your writing.

Your work is subtle and sometimes the “meaning” seems just outside my reach—until I read the story again. Each new look produces a fresh nuance and I can’t quite figure out how you create something that circles back on itself the way “Swicks Rule” or “Baby, Baby” “Orlando” or “Maidenhead to Oxford” or “Moth Woman” do, and still satisfy the reader so thoroughly? How do you break the “rules” we take so seriously?

Kathy Fish: Thanks so much for the kind words, Gay. The simplest answer I can give is that the way…

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