Review: She-Hulk #1 & 2: the center of her own story, somewhere in Brooklyn

The Stake

Whatever you might think of the prospect of reading She-Hulk, know that it is, first and foremost, a story about a lawyer.

Marvel NOW!’s She-Hulk, written by the lawyer Charles Soule, takes as the central question not “What is it like to have She-Hulk work as a lawyer?” but rather “How is Jennifer Walters getting on in her law career?”

As it turns out, not great. Issue #1 starts with Walters heading in for her annual review in her current job. She works at a large firm but is let go after her personal contacts (The Avengers, et al.) failed to bring new clients or business to the partners. It’s possible that in different hands, a firing like this would establish a She-Hulk adventure, one that seeks to place Walters squarely in a superhero story. She was a lawyer, abused by scheming New York law firm, and leaves behind…

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