Radwa Ashour and Mourid Barghouti on the Responsibilities of Writers


This is the second part of a two-part report on A in Shams University’s two-day conference in honour of Professor Radwa Ashour. Contributor Amira Abd El-Khalek was there and captured some of the most striking moments, as when Ashour and her husband, the Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti, talked about the responsibilities of writers. “A poet should be a poet even when she or he is asleep,” Barghouti said.

By Amira Abd El-Khalek

ashour1 Photo credit: Amira Abd El-Khalek

As the conference convened for a second day, what grabbed my attention were the little things.

I was approached by a student with a big smile on her face, carrying a quaint little basket: She handed over the basket and told me to pick one. I looked and saw badges of different sizes, picturing the various covers of Radwa Ashour’s books and two of her portraits, one in sepia and the other in black and…

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