The End of Gently Read Literature

Dear All

Gently Read Literature’s Fall 2014 issue, which will go out on September 1st, will be its last.

I would like to thank all you readers, contributors, writers, agents, publishers, and presses that made the this tiny electronic magazine possible.

I began GRL in 2008 and have had a very fruitful and engaging time editing it over the years. I hope you have enjoyed the reviews and essays GRL has provided. All of the essays and reviews written for Gently Read Literature will still be archived on this website.

I hope that the final issue of Gently Read Literature leaves you with pleasant memory of a review that tried to bring more discussion of poetry and fiction into the world.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email ( or Twitter (@misanthropester or @gentlyreadlit).

Thank you for the opportunity

Take Care

Daniel Casey, founder/editor

13 responses to “The End of Gently Read Literature

  1. So sorry to see you go. What a pity, I think you were doing a great job. Is there a reason why, besides exhaustion from the work? Daniela G. otherwise known as Mother Earth, working on Climate Crisis Emergency at So very sorry to see you go, Daniel. All best wishes and EarthLY blessings!

  2. Daniel, So sorry.

    I posted my thoughts on your site but wanted to tell you personally how much I have appreciated your support.  Please keep in touch and let me know what is next for you.

    All my best, Eileen

  3. I’m so sorry to see GRL vanish from the literary landscape. You created a high quality journal and welcomed work from new writers like myself for which I will always be grateful. My best wishes to you in your next endeavor.

  4. This is a genuine loss to the world of literature. So sorry to see it disappear. Please let us know your plans for your future. Most of all, thank you for giving new writers like myself a wonderful place to share their work. Your dedication and effort will not be forgotten.