Coming to English This Summer: Fadi Zaghmout’s Controversial, Feminist ‘Bride of Amman’


This summer, Fadi Zaghmout’s debut novel, The Bride of Amman, will be released in English, trans. Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp:

d8b9d8b1d988d8b3-d8b9d985d8a7d986-d8b1d988d8a7d98ad8a9When blogger Nadia Muhanna wrote about the book back in 2012, nine months after its release, she gave a sense of Zaghmout’s social project, as well as why the blog-turned-novel had stirred controversy:

In an interview on Royal Jordanian TV channel with writer and blogger Fadi Zaghmout, the presenter referred to a gay character in Zaghmout’s novel ’Arous Amman as shaz (an offensive term to describe gays, similar to faggot). „Muthley,” Zaghmout corrected her using a politically correct word for “homosexual”. By the end of the interview, the presenter was using „LGBT-friendly language”.

But it wasn’t only The Bride of Amman’s content that made it controversial. Again, Muhanna:

Zaghmout divided his novel into short, blog like sections written in a simple language often using colloquial words which made it easy to read and…

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