A Sort of Caribbean Noir: Between Two Fires

Toni Williams first novel in his Dread Desires crime fiction series, Between Two Fires

Daniel Casey

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Saint+LuciaA view of Soufriere on the western shore of St. Lucia

Between Two Fires is the first novel in the planned trilogy Dread Desires from Toni Williams. This debut is a murder mystery set in the Caribbean on the fictional Elysian Island off the coast of St. Lucia as well as in the city of Soufriere on Saint Lucia. While presented at first as the story of a man getting entangled and overwhelmed by a smart, independent-minded woman, the story quickly takes a turn into more familiar thriller territory. In fact, Williams creates a sort of Caribbean crime noir novel which manages to not just fit the genre well but open up a lot of interesting possibilities with the storytelling. 

It’s not rare to encounter escapist island fiction, a species of…

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