Sunspots Are Malignant: Symposium by Joshua Gray

Daniel Casey


Joshua Gray 
Red Dashboard, 2016 

I know too many people plagued by cancer. Young people, middle-aged people, the old, intimates, casual acquaintances, and strangers all are riddled with the disease. It is ubiquitous and it often feels like it’s something inevitable. A dark voice in me is convinced that if we live long enough we’ll all either suffer from some form of cancer, Alzheimer’s, or diabetes. There is no escaping. This is our contemporary existence; these are the plagues we’ve chosen.

Nearly everyone I know who’ve endured cancer have come out the other side. They are alive today, healthy but a disparate self. Articulating this change becomes a vital task, one that it’s incumbent upon me to listen to intently. I would argue that this is the purpose of survivor literature, those of us that didn’t undergo the experience have a duty to read, watch, and…

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