Vengeful Beast: Cicily Janus on David Nash’s Van Gogh’s Ear

Van Gogh’s Ear, David Nash, Star Cloud Press If you talk to any writer, regardless of genre, you would know that it’s nearly impossible to get your work published in today’s literary climate unless you’re already “established.” Despite this fact, new voices emerge all the time. Some tank within the first month or two of […]

“Nice, but that’s all,” Cicily Janus on Nathaniel Bellows’ Why Speak?

Why Speak?, Nathaniel Bellows, W.W. Norton               In Why Speak?, Nathaniel Bellows debut book of poetry, I find myself wondering why the poet is calling this a book of poetry rather than a memoir stolen from an overwritten book of his musings. Bellows works take a retrospective glimpse at […]

The New Face of Jazz: An Intimate Look at Today’s Living Legends and the Artists of Tomorrow

The New Face of Jazz: An Intimate Look at Today’s Living Legends and the Artists of Tomorrow By Cicily Janus You’ve heard about them time and time again.  Their music—the most influential notes ever played.  Bird, `Trane, Miles, Ella and their peers are immortalized in personal CD and iTunes libraries around the world.  You can […]

Writing Away Retreat

Join Random House author Cicily Janus for her semi-annual retreat among the Rocky Mountains. Writing Away Retreats allows writers time with the very best agents, editors and authors in an intimate environment to maximize feedback and minimize writing interruption. Past staff includes Tim Oconnell from Random House/Vintage, Gary Heidt from Signature Literary Agency and authors Doug […]

Writing Away Retreats

Announcing Writing Away Retreats Cicily Janus, Founder and Head Adverb Abuser May 1-5 Taos, NM (Staff: Tim Oconnell Editor, Random House/Vintage, Gary Heidt, Agent at Signature Literary Agency, Doug Crandell Author with Virgin, Penguin and University of Chicago Press) June 12-16 Vail, CO (Staff: Kate Gale Editor/Owner, Red Hen Press, AUTHOR TBA, AGENT TBA) October […]