Through Celtic Eyes: Patricia Carragon on Susan Maurer’s Maerchen

Maerchen, Susan H. Maurer, Maverick Duck Press, 2008 Mythology, colored by Druid shamans, inspired Susan H. Maurer to document her poetic journey, Maerchen. Like a Celtic design, Maurer’s thirteen poems weave the past into the 21st Century. Her fascination with Celtic history began in the basement of the Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village, New […]

Loss Will Become Insignificant: Patricia Carragon on Sweta Srivastava Vikram’s Because All Is Not Lost

Because All Is Not Lost, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Modern History Press, 2010 Because All Is Not Lost: Verse On Grief, published by Modern History Press (2010), is one woman’s celebration of love for those she had lost, but whose influence continues to touch her life. Ms. Vikram’s twenty poems do not dwell under the mourning […]

Dreaming in Haiku: Karen Neuberg on Patricia Carragon’s Urban Haiku

Urban Haiku and More, Patricia Carragon, Fierce Grace Press Anyone familiar with the poetry scene in New York City and its environs is very likely familiar with Patricia Carragon, whether through her two highly respected and well-attended Brownstone Poets reading series, her own featured readings at myriad venues, her participation in open readings, or her […]

The Protagonist Rides On: Patricia Carragon on Peter Dugan’s Members Only

Members Only, Peter Dugan, Devine Madness Press, 2008 Cowboys never die. They live on as legends. They’re the dreamers and rebels on horseback – rugged individualists – gritty and tough like their terrain out West. But on Long Island, they ride motorcycles on asphalt. They wear black leather. They’re America’s heroes who refuse to conform. […]

Eloquence in Detail: Patricia Carragon on Karen Neuberg’s Detailed Still

Detailed Still, Karen Neuberg, Poets Wear Prada Press, 2009 Detailed Still, published by Poets Wear Prada Press (2009), is a sensitive journey into Ms. Neuberg’s past. From her first poem to her last, Karen Neuberg entwines the book together using her memories as a common thread with the craftsmanship of a master weaver. For instance, […]

The Regrettable Passage: Patricia Carragon on Carol Wierzbicki’s Top Teen Greatest Hits

Carol Wierzbicki, Top Teen Greatest Hits, Poets Wear Prada Press For me, adolescence was the regrettable passage from childhood to the demands of hormones and higher education. For Carol Wierzbicki, it became the Top Teen Greatest Hits, an intriguing collection of poems published by Poets Wear Prada Press (2009). Ms. Wierzbicki is tough and sensitive. […]

New Summer Issue of Gently Read Literature

Gently Read Literature—Summer 2012 The new issue of Gently Read Literature is available featuring 23 books reviews of Contemporary Poetry & Literary Fiction over 60 Pages. ** Excelling in Brief: Emma Kate Tsai on Jim Shepard’s Master of Miniatures Masters of Subtext: Kelly Lydick on They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of […]

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